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OBIEE Training is the BI answer for the Fusion Middleware stage. Every one of the clients executing prophet combination will discover worth in OBIEE usage as far as sparing and components. As a Learner, It includes an awesome potential in the business sector to land a position and shows signs of improvement in charging rate. We give an end to end arrangement in Oracle OBIEE 11g Training, including the propelled components and joining of various sources.

Our Oracle OBIEE 11g course is designed for Database Administrators willing to work with both the Business Intelligence (BI) and the organisation’s business data. This Oracle OBIEE 11gtraining course will let you learn the process of collecting the right data set from different and diversified sources and integrate those data into a single view of the customer base. Through this Oracle OBIEE 11g training course, we will also help you learn and know the details regarding identifying the potential clients of the business having a specific set of characteristics. Through this course, you will also learn how to figure out a specific group of the target audience to design a tailor-made marketing strategy for them. This Oracle OBIEE 11g course will also allow you to know how to extract metadata using Oracle Business intelligence.

As a participant, you will also learn about managing and accessing web catalogues and the security of the data.


  • This course has no specific prerequisites.
  • It is ideal but not recommended that you have prior knowledge of database administrator and/or XML expert.
  • Fundamental knowledge of basic computer hardware and software would be considered as an added advantage for you.

What will you gain after this course

  • You can widen up your job opportunity.
  • You will be considered as a qualified Database Administrator.
  • After successful completion of this course, you will gain enough experience to manipulate and work with the business data of the organization.

Jobs you can get
with a ORACLE OBIEE Certification

  • Senior Database Administrator
  • Assistant Data Analyst
  • Data Engineer
  • Database specialist
  • Database Coordinator

Corporate Group Training

  • Customized Training
  • Onsite / Virtual
  • Instructor-led Delivery
  • For small to large groups

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Who is this certification for?

  • Business Intelligence Developer
  • Data Warehouse Administrator
  • Business Analysts
  • Data Warehouse Analyst
  • Data Modelers
  • Reports Developer
  • Data Warehouse Developer
  • Application Developer
Small Groups

With small groups of students, our instructors can work closely with each student.

Flexible Class Schedules

Our class schedules are flexible on weekdays, weekend, or evenings to suit your schedule.

Experienced Instructors

Our instructors follow a modified are personalized approach to engage students during class

Hi-Tech Lab Facilities

Our students can access our lab facilities anytime for practical experience during and after studies.


  • Exploring Oracle BI architecture components
  • Exploring a repository's structure, features, and functions
  • Using the Oracle BI Administration Tool
  • Creating a repository
  • Loading a repository into Oracle BI Server memory
  • Importing data sources
  • Setting up connection pool properties
  • Defining keys and joins
  • Examining physical layer object properties
  • Creating alias tables

  • Building a business model
  • Building logical tables, columns, and sources
  • Defining logical joins
  • Building measures
  • Examining business model object properties
  • Exploring Presentation layer objects
  • Creating Presentation layer objects
  • Modifying Presentation layer objects
  • Examining Presentation layer object properties
  • Checking repository consistency
  • Turning on logging
  • Defining a repository in the initialization file
  • Executing analyses to test a repository
  • Inspecting the query log
  • Adding multiple logical table sources to a logical table
  • Specifying logical content

  • Creating new calculation measures based on existing logical columns
  • Creating new calculation measures based on physical columns
  • Creating new calculation measures using the Calculation Wizard
  • Creating measures using functions
  • Creating logical dimension hierarchies
  • Creating level based measures
  • Creating share measures
  • Creating dimension specific aggregation rules
  • Creating presentation hierarchies
  • Creating parent-child hierarchies
  • Using calculated members
  • Modelling aggregate tables to improve query performance
  • Setting the number of elements in a hierarchy
  • Testing aggregate navigation
  • Using the Aggregate Persistence Wizard
  • Creating session variables
  • Creating repository variables
  • Creating initialization blocks
  • Using the Variable Manager
  • Using dynamic repository variables as filters
  • Using time comparisons in business analysis
  • Using Oracle BI time series functions to model time-series data
  • Adding fact columns automatically to dimension only queries
  • Ensuring the expected results for dimension only queries
  • Selecting a predetermined fact table source
  • Specifying a default join path between dimension tables
  • Exploring Oracle BI default security settings
  • Creating users and groups
  • Creating application roles
  • Setting up object permissions
  • Setting row level security (data filters)
  • Setting query limits and timing restrictions
  • Restricting tables as non cacheable
  • Using Cache Manager
  • Inspecting cache reports
  • Purging cache entries
  • Modifying cache parameters and options
  • Seeding the cache

  • Setting up the sample usage tracking repository
  • Tracking and storing Oracle BI Server usage at the detailed query level
  • Using usage tracking statistics to optimize query performance and aggregation strategies
  • Analyzing usage results using Oracle BI Answers and other reporting tools
  • Setting up a multiuser development environment
  • Developing a repository using multiple developers
  • Tracking development project history
  • Introduction to Oracle BI Analysis Editor
  • Oracle BI column types
  • Working with analyses in Oracle BI
  • Using advanced formatting

  • Oracle BI and catalogue security overview
  • Managing security using roles
  • Understanding security inheritance
  • Setting object permissions
  • Setting system privileges
  • Archiving catalogue items
  • Introduction to filters and selections
  • Creating, editing, and grouping filters
  • Adding prompts to analyses
  • Dynamic filtering
  • Using saved analyses as filters
  • Creating groups
  • Creating calculated items
  • Creating selection steps
  • Setting analysis properties
  • Combining analysis criteria by using set operations
  • Executing direct database analyses
  • Editing logical SQL generated by an analysis
  • Creating a link to a saved analysis
  • Creating an Excel Web Query file

  • Introduction to views, graphs, and editors
  • Working with views in Compound Layouts
  • Creating and editing graphs
  • Linking master-detail views
  • Performing common view tasks

  • Creating, arranging and formatting a pivot table
  • Using hierarchical columns
  • Sorting in pivot tables
  • Setting aggregation and using totals
  • Showing an item's relative value
  • Building calculations and displaying running sums

  • Creating and editing dashboards
  • Using the Dashboard Builder
  • Exploring dashboard object properties and options
  • Publishing dashboard pages
  • Creating personal customizations and using other page options
  • Exploring types of dashboard content
  • Embedding content in dashboards

  • Understanding variables
  • Adding a named dashboard prompt to a dashboard
  • Adding a hidden named dashboard prompt to a dashboard
  • Creating additional prompt page and setting page preferences
  • Adding variable prompts to a dashboard

  • Configuring delivery devices and adding delivery profiles
  • Adding an Alert Section to a dashboard
  • Configuring an Agent
  • Using Analysis and KPI conditions to deliver content with Agents
  • Subscribing to an Agent

When would you like to start?

Start Date TimingDaysDuration Mode Of TrainingAvailability Reserve Now
07/11/202210:00 – 16:00 Sun Only5 WeeksClassroom / OnlinePlaces available Future Dates/Request Price
14/11/202210:00 – 16:00Sun Only5 WeeksClassroom / OnlinePlaces available Future Dates/Request Price
15/11/202210:00 – 17:00Mon - Fri5 DaysClassroom / OnlinePlaces available Future Dates/Request Price
22/11/202218:30 – 21:30Mon - Fri5 DaysClassroom / OnlinePlaces available Future Dates/Request Price
07/12/202218:30 – 21:30Tue / Thu5 WeeksClassroom / OnlinePlaces available Future Dates/Request Price
13/12/202218:30 – 21:30Mon / Tue5 DaysClassroom / OnlinePlaces available Future Dates/Request Price
14/12/202210:00 – 17:00Tue / Thu5 WeeksClassroom / OnlinePlaces available Future Dates/Request Price
19/12/202218:30 – 21:30Sun Only5 WeeksClassroom / OnlinePlaces available Future Dates/Request Price
09/01/202310:00 – 16:00Sun Only5 WeeksClassroom / OnlinePlaces available Future Dates/Request Price
17/01/202318:30 – 21:30Mon - Fri5 DaysClassroom / OnlinePlaces available Future Dates/Request Price
24/01/202318:30 – 21:30Mon / Tue5 WeeksClassroom / OnlinePlaces available Future Dates/Request Price
30/01/202310:00 – 17:00Sat Only 5 WeeksClassroom / OnlinePlaces available Future Dates/Request Price
05/02/202310:00 – 17:00Sat Only5 WeeksClassroom / OnlinePlaces available Future Dates/Request Price
15/02/202318:30 – 21:30Tue / Thu5 DaysClassroom / OnlinePlaces available Future Dates/Request Price
20/02/202318:30 – 21:30Mon - Fri5 DaysClassroom / OnlinePlaces available Future Dates/Request Price
28/02/202318:30 – 21:30Mon / Tue5 WeeksClassroom / OnlinePlaces available Future Dates/Request Price
06/03/202310:00 – 16:00Sat Only5 WeeksClassroom / OnlinePlaces available Future Dates/Request Price
12/03/202310:00 – 17:00Sat Only5 WeeksClassroom / OnlinePlaces available Future Dates/Request Price
27/03/202310:00 – 16:00Sun Only5 WeeksClassroom / OnlinePlaces available Future Dates/Request Price
04/04/202318:30 – 21:30Mon / Tue5 DaysClassroom / OnlinePlaces available Future Dates/Request Price
18/04/202318:30 – 21:30Mon - Fri5 DaysClassroom / OnlinePlaces available Future Dates/Request Price
26/04/202318:30 – 21:30Tue / Thu5 WeeksClassroom / OnlinePlaces available Future Dates/Request Price
01/05/202310:00 – 17:00Sun Only5 WeeksClassroom / OnlinePlaces available Future Dates/Request Price
07/05/202310:00 – 17:00Sat Only5 WeeksClassroom / OnlinePlaces available Future Dates/Request Price

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